Knife use and care

I guarantee my knives. If it ever breaks or fails under normal use, I will repair or replace it. Normal use means what the knife was designed for. A knife is not a pry bar, screwdriver, hammer, etc.

Never, never never put any knife besides a butter knife in the dishwasher. End of story.

Most of my knives are made from high carbon tool steel. If well cared for it will last for at least a lifetime of service, and likely be handed down to the next generation as well.

All steel will rust, stainless steel will just stain-less, sometimes at a price of lesser cutting ability, as well.

Carbon steel will rust if neglected, but with a little care it is a superior knife steel. It will take a very sharp edge and hold it well, and is easily sharpened by almost anyone who can hold a whet stone.

Follow these simple steps and your knife will not let you down:

1. Do not store the knife in the leather sheath for long-term storage. Leather can retain moisture, and cause discoloration or rust. After use, simply clean with dish soap and hot water. Rinse and dry well. Now give it a light coat of oil or carnuba wax. If it is a hunting knife use something non toxic. There are many knife care products that are safe to use.

Bead blasted blades like a nice coat of whatever oil you choose, every once in a while.

2. With use, your blade will take on a patina, which is basically discoloration. Some people like the character patina gives a knife, some hate it. If you like it, care for your knife as in step one. If you hate it, use a polish like Maas or Wenol to take it off when you notice it. Oil or wax.

3. I use a diamond stone to sharpen my knives. I have used and still use Arkansas stones and Norton stones, but the diamond stones give me a quick easy edge.

4. If your leather sheath becomes wet, dry it as soon as possible, and not in front of a heat source. When it is dry, give it a coat or three of Montana Pitch Blend or neatsfoot oil or some suitable leather care product.

5. If you have a Kydex sheath, rinse it out with hot water once in a while and let it dry before putting the knife back in.

If you take care of your knife it will take care of you.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email.