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 My name is Tom Halloran. I have been making knives with a vengeance since early 2008 when I got back from four years running around Afghanistan and Iraq supporting the war effort.

I spent my youth as a rifleman in the USMC, where I learned many ways to break a knife. The production knives available to us back then were total crap compared to some of the knives available today. My main knife way back then was a Shrade Uncle Henry Lockback that I could not keep sharp. There were no tactical knives back in those dark ages. I remember buying a big Gerber dagger from the PX, which I promptly snapped the tip off of. I did field dress a rabbit once with that through sheer USMC grunt determination.

As a security contractor for the US Government, I have carried some expensive knives in bad places and ended up only using them for opening MRE's. I kept falling back on my Livesay Air Assault for my beat the crap out of it knife.

Eventually I started thinking that I could make knives that guys would not be afraid to use and get dirty and scratch up, and be just as tough as the high dollar name brands. I am a cheapskate with expensive tastes, which means I like value for my dollars, and don't want to pay for fluff. The cheap PX knives never satisfy me once they are out of the package.

My desire is to make tough, usable and affordable knives for people who use them and depend on them.

It has been my privilege and an honor to make knives for real warriors. I say that because during my time in the USMC and supporting the war/diplomatic effort, I have been privileged to know some of the highest quality human beings I have ever known. I know what it is like to trust someone with my life, and to be entrusted with theirs. I consider it the same bond of trust that goes into every knife that I create: someone is counting on my knife, and I must deliver. No questions. My goal is to make every knife the best that I possibly can, to learn from each knife, and to improve on the next one.

I like to make simple knives and that are meant to be used. I think a knife should be fully functional first, and then the looks will flow out of that. Ed Caffrey told me this--"A knife should look good, feel good and work good" Pretty simple huh? I agree!

My other passion is bowhunting, and knifemaking is a perfect fit with that. The only problem is trying to figure out some days whether I would rather hunt or be in the shop. Either way, I win. 

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