Guarantee & Resharpening

I use only the best materials for my knives, and I am always striving to build each one better than the last. Foremost in my mind is the fact that the knife owner may be staking his life on this knife.

My guarantee for you is simple:

If, when you take delivery of your knife, it is not what you expected, simply contact me, mail it back to me unused and I will mail your payment back to you. I want everyone to be 100% satisfied.

Second, if your knife ever fails during course of normal usage, I will repair or replace it at my discretion.

I will be happy to resharpen your knife forever. Just return it postage-paid, and I will tune it up for you.

In my blade making process, each knife is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that the knife will perform as designed. Any knife that does not pass is destroyed in further testing.

FREE resharpening and re-parking of any Halloran knife. Just cover the shipping and mail it back.