Warning: This is a reverse edge knife and should only be used by someone with proper training.


Standard: 5/32" thick  CPMS30V

3.5" blade, 7.750"OAL

weight: 5oz approx.


5/32" thick CPMS30V stainless, black oxide finish 3 7/8" blade tip to scale textured g10 slabs

The STX is one I came up with for work. I carry this daily on patrol. Whereas the pikal was a straight up defensive knife, the STX is that, with a double edge.

Most of the no-shit pekiti tersia guys I have talked to just want a double edge knife they can use comfortably in either forward or reverse grip. this blade does that in spades.

I have had guys look at my pikal knife and say "what am I gonna do with that?!" now they will probably bitch that there is no skull crusher on the pommel of the STX, but you can't please everybody. 

This can be had either double edged or with a false edge on top.

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