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ll knives come with a kydex sheath. Leather or additional kydex sheaths can be added to your order, price on request.

Prices listed are for G10 or Micarta handle material. I prefer to use synthetics such as these because they are inert. I will occasionally use a stabilized wood, but tend to stay away from a lot of natural materials such as bone or wood because they will move with moisture changes, and that is something I have no control over, thus cannot guarantee.

Price is for black oxide or satin finish. Montana Gray finish is slightly higher.

For the most part these are the steels that I make these knives in. I can substitute 1084 or W2 for most of these knives if you want something a little flashier with a nice temper line.

Prices will be adjusted accordingly for custom pieces, and I usually suggest leather sheaths for nicer knives.

Pikal: AEB-L stainless steel, $235.00

STX: CPMS30V stainless steel, $285.00

Mini STX: CPMS30V stainless steel, $260.00

360 drop or clip point, O1 tool steel, $275.00

360XL clip point, O1 tool steel, $300.00

Seax 80CRV2 tool steel, $285.00

RD: CPMS30V stainless steel, $275.00

3Finger: CPMS30V stainless steel, $200 Raider.00

: 80CRV tool steels , $325.00, CPMS30V Stainless steel, $350.00

Kwaikens, ring pikals and karambits are priced on request.


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